Episode Details
Release Date December 17, 2012
Runtime 49 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 8
Intro Music Unknown

Topics discussed

  • Follow-up gym etiquette question: spotting
  • Sebastian ventured into his attic and found he is not as comfortable with heights as when he was younger
  • Pete's having trouble getting a gift for his brother
  • Lana has the house decorated as a gift to Sebastian, but he isn't happy with it and has to deal with the young contractors.
  • Warnings: All Star Parking in Los Angeles
  • Pete finds the Jeopardy contestant's stories to be mundane, challenges Sebastian for his Jeopardy-style story
  • Warnings: Do not try to bring pot into Canada.
  • Pete engages some juvenile delinquents in defense of an elderly woman while shopping
  • Pete challenges Sebastian to size himself up against celebrities in a fight

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "Don't goof around right now. I'm in the attic."
  • Pete: "I lit a fire last night and Jackie was like 'what are you lighting a fire for?'" Sebastian: "I like a fire too."