Episode Details
Release Date December 10, 2012
Runtime 51 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 7
Intro Music Unknown

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian leaves Pete a voicemail about how impressed he is with the end product of the podcast.
  • Sebastian gets a real Christmas tree for the first time in his life, but hires out his light installation, to Pete's disappointment. We learn about heavy lights, depth, and flocking.
  • Listener question: favorite comedians
  • Pete's neighbor, Lorenzo, asserts that Whitney Cummings stole the idea for 2 Broke Girls from him.
  • A discussion of Sebastian's egg nog recipe
  • Live clip from Pete's live show doing crowd work with a 90 year old woman
  • Sleeping with Sebastian: While in South Beach, Sebastian stayed at Sonesta Hotel in Coconut Grove, motion sensor under the bed lights your path to the bathroom. 4.5 out of 5 stars.
  • Gym etiquette: an in-depth discussion of workout behavior and how one should conduct one's self therein.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "Nobody is doing this...this is classy, it's done right, it's produced well...still not in the top 200!"
  • Pete: "When you flip that switch, that's not your body of work!" Sebastian: "Yeah but I have the same feeling as if it was." (Christmas lights)
  • Sebastian: "You remind me of Falling Down, that movie."
  • Sebastian: "I wait for him to ask if he can work in, and then I walk away."
  • Sebastian: "I asked out a girl in my spin class. I took a spin class. What the hell are you laughing at?"