Episode Details
Release Date December 3, 2012
Runtime 49 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 6
Intro Music Unknown

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian goes shopping for a Halloween costume for Adam Levine's "Part in the Cemetery"
  • Pete recalls his John F. Kennedy Jr./Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy costume
  • Spaghetti tip from Billy Gardell
  • After the previous show's music test, Sebastian quizzes Pete on Italian culture including an Italian cured-meat taste test from his favorite Charcuterie
  • Commercial break: Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream with Pete Correale
  • Pete reports back from an alumni of Brad Pitt's high school and the surrounding fandom
  • Locker talk
  • Pete is still reeling from unreturned texts
  • Sleeping with Sebastian: Ramada Inn of Tampa, Florida
  • An impersonation of Pete's real estate agent
  • Sebastian dines at Eataly with celebrities, gets home at 6am
  • Al Pacino stories

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "By the end of the night, I'm walking around no beard, no hair, took the jacket off, I'm walking around in my Santa pants and my fat suit eatin' an In-N-Out burger in the middle of the cemetery."
  • Sebastian: "Did anyone find that offensive?" Pete: "Not my friends!"