Episode Details
Release Date January 24, 2013
Runtime 56 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 5
Intro Music None

Topics discussed

  • The guys are out of their home-studio, single-microphone setup and in a professional studio on the 6th floor of the Howard Hughes building.
  • A discussion of breaking into the top 200 on iTunes.
  • Los Angeles Jesus is a no-show.
  • Casey Casem checks in.
  • "Getting to know you" questions from Pete.
  • Sleeping with Sebastian: Dream Downtown, New York City. Great lobby, subpar water pressure. 3.5/5 stars.
  • Live clip from Pete in Iowa.
  • On Sebastian's recommendation, Pete takes his parents on a Star Tour
  • Pete challenges Sebastian to complete song lyrics.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "Our fanbase that comes out to our show doesn't know anything about podcasts...they don't look like they have a VCR hooked up, let alone iTunes."
  • Pete: "We'd be in the top 200 if you got podcasts on plastic cassette tapes."
  • Sebastian: "If the dentist was close enough, I'd get my teeth cleaned every morning."
  • Pete: "Would you rather give a sponge bath to Sally Field or Bette Midler...You don't get this on other shows."
  • Sebastian: "You got in my car with a cup of coffee and I just about had a cardiac arrest."
  • Sebastian: "Before I answer the question, I have a hatred for men's feet."
  • Pete: "There's a lady who's sure/all that glitters is gold..." Sebastian: "No clue."