Episode Details
Release Date July 16, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 10 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 417
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Sebastian has trouble at the beach with the family and fire engines show up at Pete’s house!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is back to phase 1 in California and predicts another 5 months of shut-downs to come.
  • The guys discuss customizing corona-barriers at checkouts and whether they will ever be removed.
  • The Maniscalcos visit the beach and observe some interesting social behavior.
  • Pete wonders if having rainbow sprinkles in ice cream is bouncy and the guys debate what flavors/toppings are acceptable for a man.
  • Sebastian will be hosting two nights of Kimmel and interviewing JJ Watt, among others!
  • Pete learns of a citizen-rating system in China and realizes it would be a decent system for the US.
  • The Correales have a scare with carbon monoxide and Pete strikes up conversations with the firemen.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “Between our cameras, our microphones, and our FaceTime call to see each other - we’re both constantly looking at shit to make sure it’s still running. I’m like a pilot checking the altitude thermometer.”
  • Sebastian: “It’s just the plain glass, it’d be nice to have something to look at on the glass - almost like a locker in high school.”
  • Pete: “Is any of this shit coming down when we do get a cure? Because all this shit is starting to get pretty permanent.”
  • Sebastian: “If you have to step away from the register and wait, you shouldn’t be getting that coffee.”
  • Pete: “You gotta be able to back it up, like in China if you get down to a 1 and you’re still misbehaving, they just put you in some jail where you work for free labor…in America everyone will be walking around with 1s giving the camera the finger.”
  • Pete: “Who would’ve thought those little plastic pieces of shit actually worked!”



Episode 418


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