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Release Date July 9, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 2 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 416
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Sebastian’s neighborhood has professional firework displays and Pete takes notes during a funeral.

Topics discussed

  • Pete attends a funeral and takes note of things he does and does not like to plan for his own future funeral.
  • Sebastian recounts his 4th of July weekend including hosting family and professional fireworks in the neighborhood.
  • The guys are curious on fireworks viewing ethics, who the primary market is for large displays, and what they were like as kids versus today. Meanwhile, Pete’s driveway show finale is interrupted by a firefly catch.
  • Analysis of Martin Sheen’s prescription commercial, check it out here:

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “When halfway through the sentence you memorize the second half and bop your eyes up and read it to everyone…that’s such a nice move, that’ll get you elected.”
  • Pete: “For anyone not doing the video now, I don’t know what the fuck you’re watching on TV anymore.”
  • Sebastian: “I want people to kind of see what I look like with shades on to give em a taste.” Pete: “It’s the intro - just in case you were wondering if I look cool outside too.”
  • Sebastian: “When the priest goes in on the communion, the wafer, and you hear it - I’ve often thought ‘what, is his fried?’” Pete: “Mine doesn’t sound that delicious!”
  • Pete: “You ever have people over and you hear somebody up before you - that annoys me. I’m like ‘C’mon, what’d you have a bad sleep in my fucking castle?’”
  • Pete: “You’re doing a light sugar shower over the entire delicacy and then you’re giving me concentrate guy?”
  • Pete: “I said to him ‘Man, wouldn’t you like to buy a big black curtain that dangles all the way from the moon?’”
  • Pete: “You’re a fucking legend. This is like Picasso just pissing on his own painting when he turns 75.”


Episode 417

Episode 417


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