Episode Details
Release Date July 1, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 26 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 415
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Pete learns Zoom etiquette, Sebastian solves the mystery of his dead hawks, and they both practice more embarrassing grammar.

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian encounters a loud noise at night and may have solved it live on the cast.
  • Pete is experiencing wildlife death on his property as well and Sebastian wonders if his cologne is attracting bugs.
  • Sebastian polls Pete on his preferred mattress firmness to help determine how to finish guest rooms in the new house.
  • Pete has hesitations about a mechanic’s religious message at the bottom of an estimate.
  • Sebastian switches realtors, and the new one has some interesting ideas for how to sell the home.
  • Pete is curious whether his Zoom setup is sending the wrong message, and has other questions on video conference etiquette.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “If that’s where this whole thing is going, that you and Lana determined that you have a ghost living with you, then I’m gonna sip my coffee and you can tell the listeners the rest of this fantasy.”
  • Sebastian: “I ain’t going to a mattress store during COVID and rolling around on beds.”
  • Pete: “Are you going to get a fireworks display or is everyone just going to watch the hawks crash land all afternoon?”
  • Sebastian: “Don’t you feel, when you read that, it was an honest estimate?” Pete: “That’s what he wants me to feel bro!”
  • Sebastian: “You know what I think when I see that? I go ‘Oh no, the guy don’t even have a computer.’”


Episode 416

Episode 416


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