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Release Date June 19, 2020
Runtime 1 hour
Previous Episode Episode 413
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Pete fights lice, Sebastian goes down during a hike and attends a party at A-Rod’s house!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is intermittent fasting and begins running up a hill during a hike after learning of a fire nearby the Maniscalco home, which gets the best of him.
  • The Maniscalcos have dinner at A-Rod’s house and make every effort to perfect their arrival and leave times.
  • Pete shows off some of the gifts from listeners including custom P&S masks and official medical piss containers.
  • Pete is concerned after Sadie is playing on the playground with a kid who might have lice.
  • The Mansicalcos evacuated for a nearby fire, but were the only ones to do so and turned back around. The situation promoted Sebastian to create a grab-and-go emergency kit that lives in the back of the car.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “It’s like a sherpa leaving an oxygen tank!”
  • Pete: “You grew up with your father watching this guy belt home runs and now he’s asking you how you like your steak.”
  • Pete: “Do you have your bug lighter in the trunk just in case the conversation got boring?” Sebastian: “Hold on, one second, let me go get my mosquito zapper - I have a bit with that.”
  • Sebastian: “You have to tell us when you want us to leave, because we’ll sleep over.”
  • Pete: “Can you break a me?”


Episode 414

Episode 414


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