Episode Details
Release Date June 11, 2020
Runtime 57 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 412
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Pete gives an update after having major surgery and Sebastian battle snakes and fires!

Topics discussed

  • Tensions are high in the Correale household with Sadie’s birthday and Pete’s surgery recovery - which he walks through the process of.
  • Pete runs into some clotting mid-cast after claiming he is an unprecedented specimen in the hip-replacement world.
  • Sebastian has a gopher snake on his property and has it removed in a Hefty bag by his gardener.
  • Pete accidentally reveals too much when showing Sadie his hip incision.
  • The Mansicalcos evacuated for a nearby fire, but were the only ones to do so and turned back around. The situation promoted Sebastian to create a grab-and-go emergency kit that lives in the back of the car.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "There’s so much going on over there, there’s piss all over the room! You got piss in 3 or 4 different places, you can’t transfer piss right!"
  • Pete: “I’m like the Michael Jordan of the fuckin hip world guy!”
  • Pete: “I’m gonna be more physical on stage than you bro! Dane Cook watch out, I’m gonna be a fuckin mime up there!”
  • Pete: “If you’re a snake guy and you come limping up, could be a venomous bite, could be a softball game.”
  • Pete: “You’re putting a lot of trust in Hefty.” Sebastian: “This could have been an ad for Hefty…’Buy a Hefty bag, it can contain a snake bite.’”


Episode 413

Episode 413


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