Episode Details
Release Date June 4, 2020
Runtime 52 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 411
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Pete prepares to go under the knife and Sebastian becomes a Zoomedian!

Topics discussed

  • The guys are recording video again for this cast, this page will be updated with it once posted.
  • Sebastian is starting to do corporate gigs over Zoom and Pete thinks this can start applying to more types of events.
  • The guys discuss their personal mask style.
  • Netflix documentary on Jeffrey Epstein brings up the discussion of owning an island.
  • Sebastian is going back into chef mode and Pete is appalled at people shucking their own corn in Walmart.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “By the time my kid gets back to school I’m like ‘Bring a pillow, cause it’s going to take 7 months for all those other fucking meatballs to catch up…’”
  • Sebastian: “I’m a Zoomedian!”
  • Pete: “I am so self-conscious, are you laughing at what I said or are you laughing at me?” Sebastian: “No, I’m laughing at…man you’ve been taking too many hits this morning.”
  • Pete: “Yeah, anybody who gets a custom mask, they’re showing me who they are bro.”
  • Pete: “Even she knows, when you’re on nice grass you take your flip flops off!”


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