Episode Details
Release Date May 29, 2020
Runtime 54 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 410
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Quarantine cooking and hospitality with social distancing.

Topics discussed

  • Pete’s hip surgery is set for Tuesday and the town of Fredonia has noticed his ailments.
  • The Maniscalcos head up to Santa Barbra for a getaway bringing up discussions of vacationing with kids and thoughts on going to the beach.
  • The guys discuss how well the wives run things and what domesticated family life was like back in the day of their grandfathers.
  • Sebastian passes the cooking baton to Lana after a lackluster taste test, and she runs with it in stride.
  • Pete wonders if he can get in trouble for flipping off security cameras.
  • The Correale household accidentally has food delivered to their house and Jackie goes the extra mile to keep it fresh while trying to track down the recipient.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “I’m thinking like I’m probably gonna jog out of there, do a slow jog.”
  • Pete: “You ever leaving there too and people are showing up, like ‘what the fuck are you doing guy? What, are you sleeping here tonight?’”
  • Sebastian: “After two pages I gotta turn to my wife and go ‘Fucking hot out here huh?’”
  • Pete: “I would rather sing a Justin Bieber song than sing 6 Feet Apart…dude again, that’s like accepting it.”
  • Pete: “Bro, I didn’t know what a fucking avocado was until I was 27 years old.” Sebastian: “I didn’t even think they had avocados back in 1978.”


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