Episode Details
Release Date May 21, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 6 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 409
Intro Music Steve Sidwell - “The Mambo Inn”

Episode description

Pete visits Fatal Attraction and Sebastian brings props to his Zoom happy hour performance.

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian recaps his virtual dinner with guest appearances from Watt, Seinfeld, and Rick Caruso.
  • The guys discuss various outdoor games including spike ball, croquet, and lawn darts.
  • Pete is complimented by a neighbor on his home and experiences a direct handshake in the process.
  • Sebastian has another Zoom call and underperforms with his mosquito catcher, with Lana trying to coach him up on the side.
  • Pete’s sandwich has a hair in it and the guys discuss when to throw the food out or stick with it.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: “If you would’ve told me we would be 64 days inside when this thing started I would’ve told you you were on some type of methamphetamine coupled with some fentanyl.”
  • Pete: “There’s a reason there’s no new games, because everything that good has been invented. We could play a game where we dig a hole and stick our fucking heads in it and time ourselves, but is it really a game?”
  • Pete: “If you ever did want to get a hit man, what do you do first? Google?”
  • Sebastian’s hypothetical goon: “You might want to relax with the fence.”


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