Episode Details
Release Date May 17, 2020
Runtime 52 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 408
Intro Music Novastar - “Holly”

Episode description

With both Pete and Sebastian on the verge of breakdown, they lift their spirits by watching fading stars do commercials.

Topics discussed

  • The guys are starting to wear mentally from COVID and question how the nation’s leadership has handled the situation.
  • Potential career changes are discussed from hotel management to garbage man.
  • Pete and Sebastian debate Aldi grocery stores.
  • The guys break down the bath tub commercial of old celebrity Eric Roberts.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “Fauci’s got the bedside manner of a fucking Nazi, alright. Can you at least put an unhappy face on when you say we’re gonna be locked up for the next two years guy?”
  • Sebastian: “The Aldi I remember is one of those grocery stores that you’d have to shop off the floor.”
  • Sebastian: “I am predicting right now May 12, Tuesday afternoon that you’re not going to see the kids go back to school in the fall.”


Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, breakdown, Fauci, live show, drive-in, hotel, garbage man, Fredonia, Walmart, Aldi, grocery store, groceries, sub, sandwich, burner, Twitter account, Eric Roberts, commercial, actor, bath tub, Ratt, Sixfifty clothing

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