Episode Details
Release Date May 14, 2020
Runtime 1 hour, 5 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 407
Intro Music Yesenia Ibarra - “Sin Ti”

Episode description

Pete admits to a classless move and the guys question how Amazon works.

Topics discussed

  • A rando joins a group text with the guys witnessing their bro moment, and Sebastian is afraid he has a recycled phone number from a dead person.
  • Pete set up a burner Twitter account.
  • The guys question how Amazon works.
  • Pete sets up a telescope to assess potential new neighbors, has a script to persuade them with his daughter as the main actor, and decorates the set with her toys.
  • Sebastian is setting up a virtual dinner for charity featuring a $200 dinner box with a full spread, and comment trolls are upset at the shipping radius and price.
  • Pete’s latest Netflix recommendations: Northern Rescue and Waco.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "Fauci’s obviously doing the iTunes ratings, because we’re not #1."
  • Pete: "You wanna do that, let’s do that…mothafuckas!"
  • Sebastian: I just read an article the other day…it’s in your semen!" Pete: "Bro, there’s *nothin* in my semen. 50 years old with a vasectomy, it’s nothing but a puff of air coming out."
  • Pete: "Ah! What’s that!...It’s a human being, you’re supposed to wanna fuck it!"
  • Pete: "This is not a class move. This is the opposite of a class move."
  • Sebastian: "Here’s her name! Fuck you and your family!"
  • Pete: "Even if I can overlook no plumbing, now you’re gonna fuck my wife while I’m shittin’ outside?"


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