Episode Details
Release Date May 7, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 4 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 406
Intro Music Tim Renwick - “Chanson Nicole”

Episode description

Cheating on the quarantine, murder hornets, celebrity Zoom, drive-in comedy, and the greatest actor who ever lived!

Topics discussed

  • Quarantine cheating is starting to become mainstream.
  • Sebastian’s sister has started listening to the cast, and disagrees that Sebastian is friendlier than her.
  • Pete reminisces on his college basketball days during a phone call with his old coach, and is overshadowed during stories of an old teammate.
  • Sebastian continues his chef run by diligently organizing food in the fridge, and performed in a cook-off against Lana for Feeding America on NBC on Mother’s Day.
  • Sebastian jumps on another star-studded Zoom and gets laughter after a joke, after which he mic drops for the remainder of the call.
  • The guys discuss the latest public fear: Murder Hornets.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: “Don’t even get me started with some of the Twitter response I saw over the past 4 or 5 days.” Pete: “We’re not CNN assholes!” Sebastian: “Do you like staying home?! Do you like it?”
  • Sebastian: “I’m about a minute and a half away from getting a hair cut. It’s like drugs in the ‘80s, you feel like you gotta do this shit underground.”
  • Pete: “These masks are a joke. They should say ‘Democrat’ across the fucking mouth.”
  • Coach: “When I see you around town and you still call me coach, I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel inside and Fredonia’s a lucky town to have you.” Pete: “I should have told him ‘Really? Because two days ago the cops were at my door because I motherfucked a guy at the leaf place!’”
  • Sebastian: “You gotta go and say to yourself as you walk away to the living room ‘And he cooks?!’”
  • Pete: “By the way, China, nice fucking wall! Does that keep anything in or out? Anything?!”


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