Episode Details
Release Date May 5, 2020
Runtime 52 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 405
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Frustrated with the quarantine, Sebastian gets some relief on Zoom with the biggest stars in Hollywood!

Topics discussed

  • The guys discuss opening of the beaches in California along, half-ass opening being no good, and mask expectations in public.
  • Sebastian hops on another star-studded Zoom session.
  • Pete is plowing through Netflix shows in quarantine including Virgin River and Northern Rescue.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “I’m a shell of a man. I figure everything’s gonna heal and come together about the same time as the economy.”
  • Pete: “Somebody shut Fauci up! Does this guy even like sports? What do you want to read a book under a tree that nerdy motherfucker? I want to watch a sporting event, shut the fuck up!”
  • Sebastian: “Do they look as he sniffs his own shit and he puts his head up and he’s like ‘What the fuck, I can’t smell my own shit now?’”
  • Pete: “It’s unbelievable. At that point I think I’d do a slide out of the frame and get my own video camera to video the Zoom call.”


Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, rib, injury, beaches, Fauci, Zoom, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Hanks, LL Cool J, Mike D, Beastie Boys, Jimmy Fallon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Dave Chapelle, Netflix, Money Heist, Virgin River, Northern Rescue

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