Episode Details
Release Date May 1, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 5 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 404
Intro Music Tom Corrandini - "Face The Music"

Episode description

Sebastian under performs at an all-star Zoom session and Pete sees some police action at home.

Topics discussed

  • The Maniscalcos are forced to hold a driveway party for Serafina’s birthday.
  • Sebastian scores a $1,500 discount thanks to the pandemic, or was the contractor trying to fleece him?
  • Sebastian joins a star-studded Zoom call and his LL Cool J story flops.
  • Pete pulls a Pete with Sadie at the local compost station resulting in the police getting involved.
  • Pete injures his rib while attempting to swing on a broom stick.

Quotes from the episode

  • Jimmy from Boston: “It’s like some perverted and degenerate game of Clue trying to figure out what objects in the house you haven’t fucked!”
  • Pete: “I think they had to wake the sous chef up. He’s like ‘You’re not gonna believe this Chen, but we got an order!’”
  • Sebastian: “Listen, you know how bad I’m dying to see the parking lot attendant?”
  • Pete: “I killed him, are we cool with that? Is everybody cool with that?”
  • Pete: “You would think if you’re U2 or Madonna you would have your manager’s full attention.”
  • Sebastian: “Did Sadie go ‘Oh Dad, are you gonna cut his hair?!’” Pete: “Bro, we need some time apart, I am scarring this kid.”
  • Pete: “Hey Sadie, I’m gonna get a stick, we’ll tie both ends to each end of the stick and it’ll be like a trapeze swing!” Sadie: “Great idea Dad!”


Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, Serafina birthday, discount, sushi, Kim Jung Un, U2, Madonna, Zoom, Beck, LL Cool J, Adam Sandler, Alex Rodriguez, A-Rod, Woody Harrelson, Pulled A Pete, Pull a Pete, tree, police, cops, little league, swing, trapeze swing, broom stick, rib, injury, sunburn

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