Episode Details
Release Date April 23, 2020
Runtime 53 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 403
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Pete’s workout turned sexy and he has a questionable parenting incident.

Topics discussed

  • The guys give their latest ‘rona takes including a Fredonia case update, conspiracy theories, and a desire to wipe out the millennials (non-cast listeners of course).
  • The Maniscalcos are scoping out the neighborhood to steal some roses while Pete and Sadie play the game Dump or No Dump?
  • Pete is prepping to set up a home gym and tells the tale of his first orgasm, a result of a good pump.
  • The guys discuss shirtless scenarios including working out, pool parties, and those who swim with their shirts on.
  • Pete provides an update on the JJ Watt fade-off theory, he’s still with us!
  • Pete instills a lesson in Sadie by cutting her hair after losing a bet.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “If we need to do a wipeout on a large majority of the population, I run across way more 20 year old assholes than I do 80 year old assholes.”
  • Sebastian: “Thank god we got a roof over our head, food to eat, da da da..”
  • Sebastian: “I was doing a set of dumbbells bench press and I’m like ‘One, two, come on bitch!’”
  • Pete: “The gym teacher was probably like ‘Alright, come down Pete. Ah, I got another rope fucker up there.’”
  • Pete: “Somebody smartened up on that. They looked around and saw all these fat fucks in t-shirts and said ‘I’m gonna make a nice little rubber zipper thing, ya know...out of scuba gear.”
  • Sebastian: “Who the fuck cuts their daughter’s hair because they lost a bet?” Pete: “It was more than the bet bro, she fell in the lava!”


Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, Fredonia, millennials, neighbors, neighborhood, home gym, workout, orgasm, bench press, gym class, ropes, climbing rope, shirtless, shirt while swimming, JJ Watt, haircut, parenting

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