Episode Details
Release Date April 20, 2020
Runtime 58 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 402
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Sebastian gets tested for the virus and looks into buying an ostrich!

Topics discussed

  • Following the Coronavirus Edition tradition of Pete’s question to Sebastian “you got it,” Sebastian confirms he does not, but was tested. The guys discuss the testing process and symptoms.
  • Sebastian’s father went in for a heart stress test and did even better than last year.
  • Pete gives an update on the back situation, and his new brace.
  • The guys detail their mask situation, using them out in public, and a DJ Hank flashback to when Sebastian embraced medical masks before they caught on.
  • Pete points out the collapsing entertainment value during the pandemic, including living room comedy shows.
  • Sebastian tells the story of his cousin’s home invasion incident - and the peak of the confusion between the two, who share the same names. The guys also dive into family naming traditions.
  • Donny Osmond returns to celebrate Pete’s birthday with a tune.
  • Sebastian explains how ostriches are used in Africa for home protection.
  • Pete suggests setting up a Newlywed game show episode to get the wives on, but also to be hosted by the one and only DJ Lou! Details are in the works.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: “On a normal week you shouldn’t have the type of stress you have now during a pandemic, where you’ve been isolated for 34 days and you’re looking at the second floor window to see what it would feel like if you jumped out and landed on your car hood.”
  • Pete: “This back brace has more Velcro than a Coleman tent.”
  • The level of entertainment out there, it’s like it’s us and then nothing else - it’s bizarre there’s nothing left.
  • Pete: “Yeah keep shaking it Kathy!”
  • It’s like having a personal Watt at your house.
  • Pete: “You always take the shortcut, don’t you want to get to know your bird?”
  • Pete: “I would bathe in a baby pool at a wet market in Wuhan to keep cool, than spend an August night in Manhattan with no air conditioning.”


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