Episode Details
Release Date April 15, 2020
Runtime 59 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 401
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Sebastian needs some alone time and Pete is back on his feet, trying to invent an escape room for Zoom!

Topics discussed

  • Traditional Coronavirus Edition update with the guys’ latest takes on the pandemic.
  • Zoom is the latest craze, brainstorm of ways to improve the tool.
  • Sebastian is looking for alone time in quarantine, but is coming out of his fog.
  • Analysis of the Pope’s room.
  • The guys discuss communication habits with family, Sebastian’s lack of text response, and when to ignore a FaceTime.
  • Pete’s photo collage sparks some topics: Clear backpacks, the guys’ preferred toothpastes, Pete’s back has him casting in a Playgirl cover pose, and what personal accessories are acceptable in public.
  • How the guys eat featuring Pete being told to slow down and Sebastian driving home in high school to watch Three’s Company (aka Comedy Class).
  • Sebastian is getting into chef territory during quarantine.
  • Pete is taken to tears from Bocelli’s performance, Sebastian is concerned at his thinness.
  • Is JJ Watt attempting a slow fade on the relationship with Pete?

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “I have yet to be on a Zoom conversation where I didn’t wish a dick didn’t come across the screen.”
  • Sebastian: “I ain’t a ball of peaches to live with. My mood swings right now are similar to a teenage girl going through puberty.”
  • Lana: “Do you even like me?”
  • Pete: “You know who’s really getting scared during this quarantine? The Bobby Flays of the world. Bobby Flay can’t be as funny as you.”
  • Sebastian: “I think I peaked at 35 to be honest with you, my metabolism went down after I turned 36 years old.”
  • Pete: “He’s trying to do a slow fade out in the relationship with me, and I’m not picking it up.”


Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, Zoom, video conference, Pope, FaceTime, family communication, backpacks, toothpaste, arm and hammer, back injury, eating habits, high school, chef, cooking, Bocelli, JJ Watt

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