Episode Details
Release Date April 10, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 12 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 400
Intro Music David Alfonso - “Copious Notes”

Episode description

The “Drinking Cast” goes south immediately as Pete has a painfully, embarrassing mishap and Sebastian hits the wall!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian discusses his interview with Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, while sipping on an A-Rod gift: A Presidente beer.
  • Pete is embarrassed at Fredonian’s lack of social distancing.
  • Sebastian was being hunted unknowingly by an insurance company, as result of a mix up with his cousin who shares the same name.
  • Pete encounters tragedy mid-cast with his back, and returns to tell the tale of painkillers, navigating the house via crawl, and other emasculating activities.
  • Sebastian and Lana are preparing for a Zoom Sader dinner.
  • The guys take questions from listeners including the following topics:
    • Is face lotion bouncy?
    • Action with the wife during ‘rona?
  • Throwback segment to Ebola talk on Episode 140, with scary similarities to the ‘rona.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “When Barry Bonds was up, you’re like ‘this guy is either going to walk or hit it into the fucking bay,’ holy shit.”
  • Pete: “People just strolling by 2 feet away, I turn around they’re right behind me. Holy shit, just spreading the Corona all over Fredonia, I’ve never been so embarrassed by my town.”
  • Sebastian: “I felt disappointed in myself that I did not know there was a van parked at the park I take my daughter and was snapping photos like I was John Gotti.”
  • Pete: “Man, my back is just killing me, I’m afraid it’s going to go out on me at any given moment here, holy shit.” Sebastian: “What, from the hip?” Pete: No, just front raking all day long...”
  • Pete: “I like it better when she changes it after every piss. Sometimes she waits 2 or 3 times and I’m like ‘I tell ya, if you were a real nurse, I think I’d fire ya.’”
  • Sadie: “What are you doing Dad?” Pete: “Nothing, I’m just sipping my coffee.”


Coronavirus, COVID-19, Presidente, beer, A-Rod, J.Lo, Fredonia, neighbors, social distancing, private investigator, knee surgery, back injury, painkillers, crawling, piss bowl, pee bowl, Zoom, Sader, face lotion, ebola

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