Episode Details
Release Date April 7, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 6 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 399
Intro Music Terry Devine-King - "Glorious A"

Episode description

Sebastian discovers uses for his power washer and Pete writes a corona version of his Man-ario’s!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian isn’t digging some of the Corona criticism of his alleged face touching.
  • Latest addition to the Maniscalco home: Gas-powered pressure washer.
  • Sebastian is in EMT mode with Caruso, and Pete comforts Sadie who is concerned about catching the ‘rona.
  • A grammar lesson from the fellas cut up by DJ Hank!
  • Pete has slapped together 5 Coronarios:
    • You learn you have the ‘rona, and you have a choice of one of two people to be sitting in at the foot of your bed doing what they can to help: Dr. Fauci or the Pope?
    • Your neighbor borrows something big and it turns out he contracted the ‘rona, do you go and get the power washer back now, after the virus, and if it takes him down do you just let him have it?
    • You go to check into a beautiful new hotel, front desk clerk says it was used as a hospital for the Coronavirus. Do you stay or go right out?
    • You give somebody a ride home and find out the next day the passenger had the ‘rona. Do you sell the vehicle and if you do, do you tell the next owner of the ‘rona?
    • You die and there’s a backlog with some morgues. They ask your family if they should keep you on ice until July for a bells-and-whistles funeral, or we drop him into a pine box and do a quick 5 minute ceremony over Zoom. Which would you want?
  • Sebastian is joining Alex Rodriguez on an Instagram live session, the guys discuss potential questions to ask A-Rod.
  • Upcoming cast is planned to be a “drinking cast.”

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: “9 times out of 10 my comeback is so crippling that I go to myself ‘There’s no way I could say that, the guy would jump off a bridge.’”
  • Pete: “How embarrassing would it be to say you lost your arm from a stream of water.”
  • Sebastian: “Give him the tits!” Pete: “Hey man, that’s better than a ventilator.”
  • Pete: “Anything you borrow from somebody, if you get the virus while you’re borrowing it, it is yours - congratulations.”
  • Sebastian: “It seems like the virus has a brain.” Corona: “Oh yeah, you think you’re gonna wipe me off handles? I’m gonna live in your shit now.” Pete: “Yeah it does have a brain, it was smart enough to get the fuck out of Wuhan and come to New York City.”


Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, pressure washer, comeback, borrow, neighbor, grammar, manarios, Fauci, A-Rod, J.Lo, NYC, New York, China, Wuhan, Zoom

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