Episode Details
Release Date November 3, 2012
Runtime 51 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 3
Intro Music None

Topics discussed

  • Pete is in Florida amongst jewish speaking affectations, Sebastian is in Poughkeepsie in a club run by indians with a booger wall.
  • Sebastian confronts entitled shoplifters at his show, poses the same scenario to Pete
  • Pete accidentally gives away free download cards of his material, tells a regrettable story of attempted basketball
  • The first appearance of Jimmy from Boston and mention of the fridge story
  • Pete and Jackie hike to the Hollywood sign, contemplate stealing one of the unattended letters
  • Pete says goodbye and good riddance to Los Angeles
  • Live clip of Pete acknowledging underwhelmed guests at a show
  • Pete's gay neighbors recommend the Hollywood Palms hotel in Palm Springs, dines at the Kobe Steakhouse despite it's Benihana-esque atmosphere
  • What is paradise?
  • A discussion of spa treatment preferences and personal grooming issues
  • Sebastian receives a hand-made blanket from a fan at a live show followed by a request from the family for a personal video tribute

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: "I'm not a prima donna. I don't need a lot."
  • Sebastian: "Sure I'll take another photo, if you'll pay for the DVD you just stole."
  • Pete: "Oh I'd make a statement. Take the H." (of the Hollywood sign)
  • Pete: "You're so would have made a great assassin."
  • Sebastian: "Out of respect for your wife, clean it up!"
  • Pete: "At least she's 80, I mean how long can this last?"