Episode Details
Release Date April 3, 2020
Runtime 50 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 398
Intro Music Above & Beyond - “Believer”

Episode description

Sebastian investigates a possible break-in and Pete gets stranded on a hike.

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is hearing some Daytona Speedway-esc noise during quarantine nights.
  • Sebastian’s grocery store line dilemma: Would you take $10 to pay for someone’s $5 empty drink so they can bounce out of line?
  • An intruder is attempting to enter the Maniscalco home through the chimney, with the guys hashing out a game plan to protect the home.
  • What is the tipping etiquette during Coronavirus?
  • Pete taps out on a hike with the family with nothing to do except hit pebbles with his walking stick.
  • Pete gives an update on his upcoming hip surgery.
  • Tears are shed after this year’s April Fools joke from Pete.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: “If you grab a cart at CVS, I’m sorry, white trash.”
  • Pete: “Holy shit, you’ve got your own little nature show at 1:00 AM.”
  • Pete: “If anything, I’d put a grate down by the bottom of your chimney so if you and Lana are in the living room, at least if a coyote does come down, you just got a caged coyote. Bro, you’re the new Tiger King!”
  • Pete: “...I started reaching around me digging my fingers into the ground pulling out little pebbles, until I had a little pile of them. While I’m sitting on my ass, I toss them in the air and try to hit them with the stick.” Sebastian: “Oh is that boring.” Pete: “That’s a fucking Saturday night for an Indian!”


Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, breakdown, racing, neighborhood noise, grocery store, line skipping, intruder, animal, chimney, tipping, hike, hiking, hip surgery, April Fools

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