Episode Details
Release Date April 1, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 2 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 397
Intro Music Brian World - “Sawdust On The Floor”

Episode description

Find out how the guys are holding up and hear their review of TIGER KING!

Topics discussed

  • Isolation is starting to wear away at the guys, are starting to get curious about the infection numbers, and Pete is looking to Belarus (as he pronounces Ba-lare-us).
  • The Correale family will be welcoming a new dog soon, and they are shooting up the list thanks to the ‘rona.
  • Sebastian is trying every recipe out there, included grilled cookies.
  • Sebastian comes up with questions for the family quarantine Zoom session.
  • Pete suggests Sebastian set up a drive-in comedy show.
  • The cast is flying up the ranks (or down according to Pete), now at #66! Leave a review and tell your friends!

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: “I don’t have it, however I think I have another virus called ‘Get me the f**k outside!’”
  • Pete: “I’m not doing it from the Amish...they churn em out like they have brothers and sisters banging left and right, you know what I’m saying? And I’m not even talking about the dogs.”
  • Sebastian: “I found a joint in my drawer the other day and I’m like ‘Should I light this fucker up?’”
  • Pete: “Once he falls off that ladder, he’s nothing but a dead bird bro.”
  • Pete: “No one wants your virus cookies!”
  • Pete’s neighbor: “I’m sorry about the deaths and all of that, but as far as everything shutting down and having to stop, I’m kind of enjoying it.” Pete: “You’re out! Can we inject her?”


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