Episode Details
Release Date March 29, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 2 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 396
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

People in pajamas seem to be enjoying the quarantine like a vacation.

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian’s increase in dairy, including goat cheese, gave a scare of Corona-like symptoms in the bathroom.
  • Pete is upset at how people are enjoying the quarantine and not leaving their pajamas.
  • Sebastian and Lana start playing a game by randomly FaceTiming people, and Chris D’Elia thought an emergency was brewing at the Mansicalco home.
  • Sebastian has some troubles bathing Serafina and learns what hair conditioner is for.
  • Share the cast with your friends and rate on iTunes, this could be the cast’s Rachel Ray moment!

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “There’s a large group of society that is treating it like an extended fucking Sunday and I’m really starting to get aggravated.”
  • Pete: “We should all be on our front porches in our outfits for work stretching. Literally limbering up waiting for the horn to go off.”
  • Sebastian: “...with Serafina to wash her hair...I’m like negotiating with a terrorist over here.”


Coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, quarantine, pajamas, dairy, diet, cheese, bathroom, FaceTime, Lana, Chris D'Elia, neighbor, Los Angeles, neighborhood, bath, washing hair

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