Episode Details
Release Date March 21, 2020
Runtime 1 hour
Previous Episode Episode 393
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

In this bonus episode, the guys contemplate the following: Where are the government bunkers? Should we buy guns? And- what shoe supersedes all shoes?

Topics discussed

  • COVID check-in topics include Sebastian starting to get worried, Pete thinking it will blow over, the prisoners on jail break, and the history of wet markets in China!
  • The guys discuss what age they moved out of their parents’ houses.
  • Pete is considering buying a gun to defend his groceries.
  • The guys think of what shoe supersedes all other shoes after Sebastian is bothered by his neighbor’s slippers.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: “The only symptom I have is no fucking work bro.”
  • Pete: “I literally put my desk together today ‘Made in China’ I’m like ‘There’s fucking Wuhan corona all over this fucking thing.’”
  • Sebastian: “18 years old, I think I had just bought a water bed at 17, let me get some use out of this!” ... Pete: “You were dragging the garden hose through the fucking window and your father’s like ‘Oh god he’s never getting out of here, he’s filling up his bed!’”
  • Pete: “It’s this simple okay? Jackie comes home with so many groceries and she needed me to come out and help her bring them in. My neighbor right now, his wife could go ‘Honey we gotta go get groceries before the shelves are gone’ he could look out the window and go ‘we don’t have to go get groceries, I have a gun, and Pete just got em.’”
  • Pete: “Don’t kid yourself folks there’s also has to be some spanking of the ass through the years, a spattering of it, so the child actually knows that is in-play.”


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