Episode Details
Release Date March 19, 2020
Runtime 1 hour, 7 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 392
Intro Music The Doors - Five to One

Episode description

Other podcasts have all the answers about the coronavirus. We just have questions!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is confused about how to identify coronavirus symptoms and Pete thinks he already beat the virus.
  • Pete gives an update on what COVID life is like in small town Fredonia, and is amazed that the Amish probably have no clue.
  • The guys wonder how the virus travels and if this will come and go forever like flu season.
  • Sebastian is in chef mode making cookies and mussels, and is stocking up on groceries.
  • The Correale clan starts home schooling with class and Serafina jailbreaks her crib in her sleep sack.

Quotes from the episode

  • Jimmy from Boston: “If Tommy C told ol’ Bis that he could cure the Coronavirus by bathing in glass, this kid would be ass-deep in a tub of broken beer bottles talking about the ‘rona’s got nothing on him now cause he’s completely immune!"
  • Pete: “If BP (Brad Pitt) gets it bro, I’m just getting on a boat and floating out into the middle of the ocean for months.”
  • Pete: “Holy shit. I need a condom for my credit card now?”
  • Sebastian: “‘Oh yeah, I’ll just go to the comedy store and do a set.’ Now I’m walking around my house, in my head trying to figure out ‘Is that funny?’”


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