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Release Date March 12, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 5 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 391
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Sebastian has a turbulent flight and Pete’s disappointed in Tom Cruise.

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian has a visit from Dr. Ron, who is highly opposed to Pete’s upcoming hip replacement surgery.
  • Sebastian flies private and has a bumpy ride, bringing up the question of whether some pilots are better at avoiding turbulence than others.
  • The guys question what happens when you lose money on the stock market.
  • Sebastian tells the tale of his hangover while shooting a Nightline segment, where he thought he was poisoned.
  • Sadie’s piano teacher is playing her own set at the end of recitals.
  • The guys discuss child entertainment options and Pete is upset that Sadie gets a nightmare from Scooby Doo.
  • Pete is on a three day no-shower stretch and is thinking about going for a full week.

Quotes from the episode

  • Dr. Ron: “You go to a surgeon, you’re going to get surgery. You go to a bakery, you’re going to walk out with some bread.”
  • Pete: “I got three specials on Amazon Prime, I am not playing that fish fucking house.”
  • Pete: “When you lose your money on the stock market is there a guy somewhere else going ‘Yeah!’ Like who’s got it? Where is it going?"
  • Sebastian: “You got people that are untalented in this thing right? So you gotta sit through their shit performance.”
  • Pete: “Oh, try not to have a nightmare from Scooby Doo.”
  • Sebastian: “It feels like a lot of times the shower build out is an after thought because there are so many times where I gotta literally go in the shower to put the shower on and I get soaked.”


Episode 392-0

Episode 392-0


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