Episode Details
Release Date March 5, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 10 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 390
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Sebastian gets aggravated on his flight, Pete sneaks naps, and both guys contemplate the consequences of imaginary cheating.

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian has a passenger constantly opening the shade on a flight and tells the tale of a disrespectful passenger wanting to switch seats.
  • Pete encounters a strict TSA agent and snaps to get his license back, which was not well received.
  • Pete is sneaking naps in the writer’s room by using paper to shield his face and fake looking out of the window.
  • Pete wants to assure his father in law that he has never cheated, and Sebastian thinks it’s a bad idea. More cheating topics are discussed.
  • The listeners helped Fredonia get $500,000 and Pete receives a thankful letter from the county area Chamber of Commerce head. Sebastian wonders if Pete’s street can be renamed Correale Avenue.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: “61 times he opened the drape, I counted.” Pete: “Bro, the only thing more bizarre than him doing that is the fact that you fucking counted.”
  • Pete: “You’re waiting for this sack of shit to come back. You know you gotta get up again at some fucking point…Until that happens, I know there’s gonna be an interruption in my mini-living room.”
  • Pete: “I am three feet away from a guy in a Darth Vader mask and I’m eating a fucking cupcake and I’m like ‘One of us is a dummy right now, I don’t know who it is yet.’”
  • Pete: “It’s been a little bit longer than most people take to look at my license. He’s doing the up and down, up and down, like there’s a Mohammed somewhere in my name.”
  • Sebastian: “By the way, what does DJ Hank look like?” Pete: “Oh bro, now you’re making me do improv? He’s got a full head of hair, he doesn’t smoke cigarettes, and he loves Nirvana and hates Pearl Jam.”
  • Sebastian: “I would automatically take off the mask and go ‘Who’d you fuck?’”





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