Episode Details
Release Date February 27, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 2 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 389
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Pete’s wife gets an indecent proposal, Sebastian joins a drum circle, and both guys consider religion for their children.

Topics discussed

  • The guys discuss some changes with the iHeart move including the parking attendant, getting video up on YouTube, and getting Pete’s photo on the show listing on iTunes.
  • Coronavirus is gaining popularity and the guys discuss at what point they will start to be worried.
  • Sebastian throws a pizza party at the house and it turns into a full blow carnival.
  • A guy asks Jackie if she wants to run with him.
  • Sebastian takes Caruso to music class amongst a group of all moms.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: “If I had a blunt object, it would have been in his throat. This guy’s gotta go.”
  • Sebastian: “I think you go, ‘Did you ask my wife to run?’” Pete: “Well then I’m gonna have to get my pinky ring out to make sure I’m twisting that as I say those words. You’re not on the set of the Irishman anymore.”
  • Music class lady: “What else did you do today?” Sebastian: “And I’m like, this is it. The kid’s 8 months, he’s been in bed all day, what do you think I took him to the ball game?” Pete: “This is just the start, we’re getting steaks later on. What the fuck lady? He’s doesn’t even know we’re doing this.”
  • Pete: “I would rather watch a bird dying in the road than a (random person’s) baptism.”





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