Episode Details
Release Date February 20, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 7 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 388
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Similar, serious health issues plague Pete and Sebastian!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian goes in for an MRI on his shoulder and knee, and tells the story of his use of vegetalluminia cream.
  • Pete dives into the details of his hip injury and upcoming replacement surgery.
  • The guys discuss hearing weird noises in their homes at night.
  • Sebastian runs into an issue with the valet at a hotel in Philadelphia, and is rewarded with two chocolate nut cluster cups for the trouble.
  • Pete trusts a stranger with a tip on the airport train, and it pays off! He also offers a tip on lying with a planned-out backstory.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: “What I have been using throughout my life, and I think I covered this on a previous cast…” Pete: “Hank, let us know.” Sebastian: “Uh, Hank wouldn’t have been with us.” Pete: “He’s been studying the catalog guy, that’s how he got the job.”
  • Pete: “Do you think in your heart of hearts that you just made this guy’s Saturday night cocktail party story.”
  • Doctor: “You obviously played sports..” Pete: “Yeah, all the way through college. That’s probably why I’m hip bro and you’re only knee, cause you know, you didn’t play soccer in college only high school.”
  • Pete: That’s one of the fun things about a nice hotel, when they fuck up you’re like ‘Ooo we’re gonna get something.’”





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