Episode Details
Release Date February 13, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 27 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 387
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Pete witnesses a crime and Sebastian tries to stay on his feet at the Oscars!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is having trouble with the valet at the Hollywood iHeart studio.
  • Pete sneaks in the cast by ditching the writer’s room, and talks about the ins and outs of the studio work day.
  • Sebastian has a celebrity golf event with a stacked list of stars on the course.
  • Sebastian recaps the Oscars including stories of plain clothes security, trying avoid another tripping incident, and setting his tuxedo buttons up for a potential stage journey.
  • Pete encounters a police raid at the hotel room next to his and has a fellow laundromat user washing horse coats.
  • Pete goes back to visit his childhood home and gets a surprising tour inside.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “Could you imagine if I got fired during the cast?”
  • Pete: “You don’t like people seeing you do things that you don’t do well bro!”
  • Tiger Woods (to Sebastian): “You wear the tightest clothes in comedy.”
  • Pete: “I wanted to be like ‘Guy, put your pen down and Google me. Three specials, three hour specials alright. You should be semi-nervous right now.’”
  • Pete: “It’s called memory lane guy, take a stroll.”
  • Sebastian: “Right before that I turned to the cop and I go ‘I’m dying here bro, this is fucking boring.’”
  • Sebastian: “It reminded me of like the bell is gonna ring in school, a minute left, and then somebody raises their hand and wants to ask a question and you’re like ‘Oh no, it’s Friday. Just ask it Monday.’”





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