Episode Details
Release Date February 6, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 3 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 386
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Pete creates a ridiculous workout for himself and Sebastian has two insane things happen to him on a flight!

Topics discussed

  • The guys discuss button levels on a men’s shirt and Sebastian discloses how to trim chest hair (and other areas) into hotel towels on the road.
  • Sebastian is gearing up for the Oscars and is going to be on Celebrity Family Feud.
  • Lana is rear-ended leading to the guys discussing their driving abilities and Sebastian reveals he tried Pete’s piss-in-the-cup-while-driving move.
  • Pete implements a new jump rope workout in the hotel parking lot and Sebastian thinks other guests see him as homeless.
  • Sebastian meets the fan pilot of his flight and has a passenger taking pictures of his computer screen.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: “Let’s make this breathe a little bit, maybe if I bend down to get something, maybe a nipple shows. Pete: “Whoa, that’s a heavy unbutton you got if a nip popping out.”
  • Pete:”Your not-nice hotel is my family vacation guy.”
  • Pete: “I usually dangle my johnson halfway down the cup and then when you feel wetness you know you’re halfway filled.” Sebastian: “Whoa wait wait wait…” Pete: “Yeah, it’s a dipstick.”
  • Pete: “I tell ya man if someone took a photo of my computer and they said ‘He’s got your passwords’ I’d be like ‘Can he give them to me, cause I can’t remember them.’”





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