Episode Details
Release Date January 30, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 9 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 385
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

Pete gets stretched out, Sebastian has troubles in Florida, and both guys have toilet stories!

Topics discussed

  • The guys discuss Sebastian’s new house which was formerly owned by another celebrity.
  • Pete fights back against fellow hotel guests with the in-room phone.
  • Sebastian has to bring Serafina to the doctor in Naples, Florida and makes some observations about the process.
  • Pete walks in on someone in the bathroom and the guys discuss who’s responsibility it is to lock or knock.
  • Pete’s gets stretched out by a professional hired from Kevin James.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “And then every fifteen minutes for the next two hours, I called his room and hung up…it made me feel so good I woke him up at six and I just kept him up - Chinese torture.”
  • Sebastian: “The office is sad. So much so, that the stuffed animals look sad.”
  • Pete: “I am on schedule like a Delta flight guy, like a Delta flight you could book my dumps.”
  • Sebastian: “You’re smoking pot on the toilet?”
  • Pete: “You ever have somebody telling you they saw you the other day hobbling, and you’re like first of all - what’re you odd balling me lady?”
  • Pete: “In my head I’m like, that’s a half ounce of weed lady, that ain’t happening.” Sebastian: “Did you say, ‘I’m paying $49 a night at the Days Inn.”



Episode 386


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