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Release Date January 23, 2020
Runtime 1 hour 11 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 384
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

The great JJ Watt calls in EXCLUSIVELY to talk about his SNL hosting gig!

Topics discussed

  • The guys open by discussing the DJ Lou exit and some observations of doing the cast on video.
  • Pete questions how much freedom Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had as royalty.
  • Sebastian has a naked fan ask him for a selfie at the hotel spa in Vegas.
  • JJ Watt calls in to discuss his upcoming gig hosting Saturday Night Live.
  • The guys discuss handling child incidents at school and raising their voice.
  • The guys take a shot at creating poems.
  • Pete blows out a tire on his way to the airport.

Quotes from the episode

  • Sebastian: “This guy wants to take a naked selfie? A nelfie?” JJ Watt: “What the hell?”
  • Pete: “Is that a great story? What the…I’m off my game at iHeart, this place sucks. I haven’t been funny since we came here bro, the corporate man is dragging me down guy!”
  • Pete: “When he said ‘Hi, I’m a big fan’ did he shake your hand?” Sebastian: “Nah, we did a fist pump.” Pete: “That’s practically sex bro.”
  • Sebastian: “So what, do you got 2 tickets?” JJ Watt: “Yeah, why you gonna go to Miami?”
  • Pete: “It’s unbelievable. The guy’s hosting Saturday Night Live and just did an exclusive with us.”
  • Pete” Oh my god you’re explaining it? Get the fuck outta there. What does this guy work for Variety? … I just sold out the Forum, get the fuck outta here. I mean guys on on TV shows can’t even do that, it’s a backwards move asshole - put some clothes on and beat it.”
  • Pete: “Run from the sun. Stop. See the sun. Feel the sun. I am the sun.”
  • Sebastian: “In a room, dark. Windows, dark. Moonlight, not. I love you.”
  • Pete: “If that plane went down they woulda called Jackie and said ‘Pete died.’ How great would that have been when I call her up and go ‘ta-da!’”



Episode 385


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