Episode Details
Release Date January 9, 2020
Runtime 59 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 382
Intro Music Unknown

Episode description

It’s a new year and the guys are launching from iHeart Media! Sebastian goes to the Golden Globe Awards where he rubs elbows with acting legends and Pete gets felt up by TSA agents!

Topics discussed

  • The guys discuss some of the adjustments now that the show has transitioned to iHeart.
  • Sebastian recaps the Golden Globe Awards including the menu, preparations in case of a win, and how to socialize during the event.
  • Pete aimed to have one glass of red wine every night, but tapped out after 5 days.
  • TSA stops Pete with his half-burnt candles at the airport and hopes to find more.

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: “De Niro hasn’t smiled since 2007. He’s like the tin man he needs oil on the jaw, guy lighten up!”
  • Pete: “You were mingling during the commercial breaks?” Sebastian: “Yeah, you gotta get a three minute mingle in.” Pete: “Ah, it’s like high school in-between periods.”
  • Sebastian: “As I’m honed in on the diamonds, a diamond of a man caught my eye.” Pete: “I gotta grab my water for this.” Sebastian: “And that’s Brad Pitt.”
  • Pete: “You would have to have something up your asshole at that point to get through.”



Episode 383


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