Episode Details
Release Date October 27, 2012
Runtime 52 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 2
Intro Music None

Topics discussed

  • Pete continues the domestic misadventures with his Russian neighbors
  • Sebastian is preparing to valet his Porsche in Las Vegas for 3 days, wants to tip enough that it is readily available
  • A discussion of when tipping is appropriate and how much
  • Live clip of Pete interacting with a bride-to-be
  • Sebastian returns to report the outcome of his Vegas trip parking experiment, including clearing the area of debris and constant anxiety.
  • Sebastian expounds on how he thinks Pete and Jackie's conversations go down at home
  • Sebastian reflects on his Vegas trip with his married friends
  • Sebastian's charity appearance undergoes some last-minute cost-cutting, including his fee (offending his personal code of always paying his debts)
  • Examples of comedy club cheap-outs

Quotes from the episode

  • Pete: "I remember growing up...there would be one fancy Porsche way way back at the back of the parking lot where no other cars were." Sebastian: "I did that with my Toyota Celica!"
  • Pete: "By the time this gig is over, I played for shelter!" (After tipping multiple people every day)
  • Sebastian: "We dance cool. A lot of hips, and a lot of look-offs."
  • Pete: "Did they wire you the full amount? Or that?" Sebastian: "They wired me that, minus $20 for the wire."
  • Pete: "Instead of saying 'we only give the headliner one entree,' why don't you just say 'we don't give a shit about you'"
  • Pete: "There's a reason you'll never see Tom Hanks in a B-movie. Once you don't wanna see him in A-movies, you're just never gonna see him again."