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Release Date May 8, 2017
Runtime 1 hour, 10 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 259
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Quotes from the episode

  • I don’t care if that guy was the indian Bob Vila! You don’t give anybody 4 grand, 6 months in advance!
  • That guy and that money are gone, lost forever. As lost as your old high school refrigerator’s virginity!
  • I reached a new level with crying. Open mouth and then tears rolling down. No sound.
  • Serafina Simone Maniscalco.
  • Holy shit get the cot we got a guy who’s staying. Been awhile but we got one.
  • What is this? Olan mills portrait studio?
  • Upgrade? My wife is bleeding!
  • They washed her like a Jeep Cherokee.
  • You’ll be reading the Agassi book together in no time.
  • I’m joyriding in your vehicle!