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Release Date April 10, 2017
Runtime 58 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 255
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Sebastian finds the perfect "service" and Pete stops asking famous people for pictures.

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Quotes from the episode

  • Is there any BS fad that you won’t partake in?
  • I’ll tell ya what you need to cup. You need to cup your balls and make sure they haven’t abandoned you!
  • It’s like making love with a hooker and she’s whispering in our ear that we’re her favorite, but…I don’t know guy.
  • 6:00 Mary Poppins
  • I get a chance to spend more money?! Do tell!
  • I’m surprised a guy who is yelling at pilots on an airplane ….is not going downstairs after somebody shit in the room, to complain.
  • That’s disgusting…but kinda funny for the cast.
  • They look like they’re in their pajamas!
  • We’re gettin’ future fish!