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Release Date March 27, 2017
Runtime 1 hour, 10 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 253
Intro Music

Pete shows off his eclectic taste in music and Sebastian remembers that he once had a gig where he dressed as a pirate!

Topics discussed

Quotes from the episode

  • Frank don’t wanna get in a onesie.
  • Good for frank. I would rather touch the tip of a man’s private part.
  • We do things about 65% Just leave it! It’s fine!
  • It’s weird to do FaceTime with another man.
  • He appoints himself as champion of the people…
  • I just wanna say, right outta the gate, without getting yelled at...We don’t even get music to start anymore?
  • I’ve heard it, and I thought it was love in the rain.
  • If you wanna put a ring on it, coulda put...Oh yeah, don’t bother.
  • It’s like a car wash, checkin out your car getting washed. (Babies behind glass)
  • There’ll be plenty of time for holdin, when the dealin’s done. God forbid Lou hits us with a little Kenny Rogers.