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Release Date February 17, 2017
Runtime 48 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 247
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Quotes from the episode

  • I’m distracted by your teeth, bro!
  • I’m getting tired of grown men with a Jansport backpack over an overcoat.
  • The last time I had a backpack I was putting a sack lunch in it.
  • I didn’t even have a backpack as a kid…I had a briefcase. Black. With a combo.
  • There’s a B rating in the window. Do you go in? I don’t check the ratings.
  • Dude! I caught a couple of garden snakes in my backyard. Let’s fry em up and have garden snack sandwiches.
  • So they’re out and montauk, catch a cupel fish and say hey tommy what do yo say we drive 4 hr s to manhattan and grill this shit up?!
  • We’re not having a baby shower…we’re having a baby bash.
  • What do you think about me getting a security guard?
  • Possible tow job, and my boss thinks I’m getting dental work right now. My whole life is a lie.
  • I’m so glad I’m here with you guys, it’s saving me so much editing time.
  • I wouldn’t even see that with the real guy.
  • By the way, I’m not in it. Would it kill you to throw a still in there?
  • I want to do a dry run, no baby, just to see how the stroller is gonna work.