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Release Date January 27, 2017
Runtime 1 hour, 12 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 246
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Sebastian deals with raccoons, a thief, and a car crash. Pete has to endure a millennial on the plane, a gay pass in traffic, and North Korea.

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Quotes from the episode

  • The guy is crying cause he woke up itchy! Get your shit together ya maniac!
  • If you yell at me you’re also yelling at the baby!
  • Another one walked by…as if to say, I still run this.
  • Ray Ban? That’s a gay man’s kryptonite.
  • Just beat it! Just beat it!
  • 2 people in the back, their TV doesn’t work. “Tough.” She told the flight attendant, “Tough!”
  • You guys are starting to look alike. Would you wanna hear something like that? Just in case Sirius thought we might skew to a younger audience? Hey! It’s Pete & Sebastian and we look like our wives!
  • They put me in a Hugo Boss shirt, I didn’t even give it back. I ran out the back door. We’ll see what happens.
  • What is it? AG? After the guy?
  • A dog in china was eating better than a doctor in north korea. The end. Count your blessings. Go get the car door fixed.
  • You did a book in 2 weeks, and I’m still trying to finish Open by Andre Agassi 13 months in!
  • Somebody put water in the red wine bottle so they wouldn’t get charged!
  • I didn’t mention it. Well, I gotta be honest. I did do something.
  • They’ll go to sleep at night going, “He knows!"