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Release Date January 9, 2017
Runtime 1 hour, 13 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 244
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The guys are back for the new year! Find out how their holidays went: someone got slapped and tears were shed in this hilarious new episode!

Topics discussed

  • Pete reiterates how much he enjoys the Patemm Pad from Sebastian for changing diapers with class

Quotes from the episode

  • This just goes to show you the difference; on one side of the family they’re saving the world, on my side of the family they’re funding a kill site in Africa for elephants!
  • This is a CWI, right? Cooking while drinking?
  • You ever hug your wife and she doesn’t hug you back? Yeah, it’s like a mugging!
  • They might have been having an outside meal, and to have a reindeer hat fly over the bushes?!
  • Wooden feathers? What, are you in a tribe?
  • Why would you even have these animals? You become the animal!
  • She taps me and goes ‘are you into psychic readings at all’? Your energy is amazing.
  • She starts pulling on my ears...Oh come on, man.
  • Oh, what happened to mister fun guy from last night?
  • Oh, I’m sorry mister artist! But you lost on 3 sets, I’ll be honest.