Episode Details
Release Date December 2, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 25 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 241
Intro Music Elton John - Seasons Reprise

Sebastian marches in a parade and gets a home nurse. Pete prepares for Christmas and home intruders.

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian is having his tree delivered, and the guys are both in the full spirit of Christmas.
  • A throwback clip about Sebastian’s eggnog
  • More police activity at Pete’s apartment complex
  • Pete is disappointed in his visit to the Central Park Zoo.
  • Pete thinks the intervals between his Dad’s kiss-hello greetings are too short
  • Pete's request for a rollaway bed requires multiple calls and an impasse of the $25 charge
  • Friend of the show JJ Watt experiences a flight incident of his own and keeps the guys updated via text.
  • Sebastian is interviewing a night nurse, prompting mixed reactions from friends and family.
  • Sebastian attends his first parade, as a float participant in the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade.
  • A potential home intruder at Sebastian’s house leads to a discussion of their home defense procedures.

Quotes from the episode

  • No need to rent the UFC fight, just have one dude try to guess what kind of underwear another dude’s wife is wearing, then sit back and enjoy the festivities!
  • Outside, inside, upside down. Fire it up. Let’s do this. It’s Trump time. Everybody buy, buy, buy!
  • You put that on the roof, your white trash level quotient goes up ten fold.
  • Get your new baby Jesus doll for the upcoming year
  • Who is he? Al Capone?
  • I had my face on a couch pillow…you know a man naked probably stuck that between his legs right on his balls. You know that.
  • I speak to no one.
  • “Apartment Complex” sounds like something’s gonna go down.