Episode Details
Release Date November 18, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 25 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 240
Intro Music

Pete and Sebastian discover that they are gaining weight, they try new party games, and one of them lives next to a murder!

Topics discussed

  • Both guys are getting fat.
  • Sebastian gets a case of lightbulbs in response to his green lightbulb joke.
  • Sebastian hosted a party at his newly-renovated home to rave reviews
  • Sebastian explains the “guess what kind of underwear the person is wearing” game to the Pete’s disapproval
  • The guys brainstorm party ideas including Pete's squirt gun hitman game
  • There is a murder 2 doors down from Pete’s apartment the weekend of Halloween.

Quotes from the episode

  • He isn’t in one of those throwback relationships at all…this guy is one half of a progressive modern-day lesbian couple!
  • Little bit of a nurse look?
  • If I get a big sneeze, I could literally cripple myself for three days.
  • There’s a secondary platform…
  • It looks like Rocky I on your foot.
  • As soon as a murder happens in the building, the law goes out the window when it comes to a contract.