Episode Details
Release Date November 11, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 10 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 239
Intro Music Rod Stewart - At this Moment

The guys have a major announcement concerning the future of this show.....

Topics discussed

  • After a return from no-show last week, the guys handle the backlash on social media differently.
  • Sebastian apologizes for eating cashews on mic
  • Reactions to the presidential election and subsequent behavior by the losing side
  • Critiques of the White House
  • Major announcement: the show is moving to Sirius-XM.

Quotes from the episode

  • You’re still in Miami, right?Fantastic. Trump just got rid of the Zika in Miami. He’s already at it!
  • Let’s just say, I keep my lady in check.
  • It looks like it smells like mold and old wood. (White house )
  • Why are the general populace walking through the most powerful man in the world’s home? I don’t even let the UPS guy in the house!
  • If Scott Baio walked in and Jimmy Carter walked in, I would have to flip a coin…
  • I got special Zika mosquito spray Oh, I could sell you a boat in the desert, bro.
  • Pacino in one corner of the restaurant, Jimmy Carter in the other…It’s not even a question.
  • Show within a show: Chicago Cubs world series winners, Eddie Vedder
  • Sebastian attends the world series, is confronted by a patriotic fan
  • So a lot of you young dads, give us a call, let us know what you think...