Episode Details
Release Date October 28, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 16 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 238
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Sebastian gets a cold nurse at the hospital, Pete blows his nose in a sock, plus- DJ Lou and Jimmy From Boston go see Sebastian's stand-up show in this hilarious new episode!

Topics discussed

  • Sebastian and his wife are expecting their first child, and Pete is impressed with the ultrasound.
  • The guys are skeptical about the prospect of in-home births with a midwife or doula.
  • Sebastian is getting a jump start on life lessons by talking to his unborn child through the belly.
  • Sebastian attends a party thrown by Bill McDermott of SAP and is in the company of Lorraine Bracco, Tony Bennett, Teddy Atlas, Jose Feliciano, Evander Holyfield
  • Pete declines Sebastian’s Comedy Cellar offer in order to turn in early.
  • Attending the wedding of Lenny Marcus leaves Pete commiserating over the gift amount.
  • Pete’s stay at a poorly-run Holiday Inn results in him verbally berating the staff, Sebastian offers advise in dealing with hotel staff.
  • Comparing Watt with “Thor” Sindergard

Quotes from the episode

  • There is no way Pete is kickin’ a bear’s ass, I don’t care if it’s a small bear, a baby bear, smokey the bear, yogi bear, fuzzy bear…you would be on the losing end of each one of those battles, kid!
  • You’re like the Scrooge after the 3 ghosts. Now you like Christmas!
  • I’m talkin to Karen from Goodfellas!
  • Hey man. Can you be my mentor?
  • I asked you to go, and it was shot down like I asked you to go to Target to buy shaving cream.
  • Did you just come out of a yawn, just now?!
  • Tom Papa marrying me? I don’t even think that holds up in court.
  • It was a statement: This is mine.