Episode Details
Release Date October 14, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 16 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 237
Intro Music Led Zep- Ten Years Gone

Sebastian has to confront raccoons, they play a round of Italian Take, and find out who is the best dancer!

Topics discussed

  • 7 o’clock wed 10 eastern recording time.
  • Pete hits up Sebastian for tickets for himself and his “dear friends”
  • Sebastian changes his phone number, alerting Pete to his achieving a new level of fame.
  • Pete purchases the floor model bed from Ikea.
  • Sebastian is broadcasting from his home for the first time in 22 months.
  • Sebastian gets into a confrontation with raccoons, causing him to scale a fence in retreat and purchase traps.
  • Pete recalls his encounter with a bear, Sebastian assesses his ability to fend off an attack.
  • Sebastian attends a wedding in Park City, Pete pines over what to bring to Lenny Marcus’ wedding.
  • Sebastian discusses his wife’s lack of dance rhythm, Pete accuses him of being a selfish dancer while boasting about his own prowess.
  • Italian Take: Russia’s presidential endorsement, sleeping in a house with sketchy past, playing football alongside women.

Quotes from the episode

  • Biscuit thought he could pull off the double denim look…like he works the door at a 1980s gay nightclub!
  • Nobody wants to accidentally look over and see your little goose dick!
  • I’m bringin’ Lana in and goin’ Let’s get off the dance floor!
  • She’s holding me back because she literally looks like she has some kind of muscular problem!
  • What the hell’s a dear friend?
  • Is that Pete the comedian breakin down a bed?
  • In a lot of your photos, you look like someone just slapped the shit out of you. Is there a reason you can’t pose for a photo correctly?
  • I’m trying to do this dean martin thing with the eyes, looking down at you a little.
  • A bird, a butterfly, a bee. We’re trying to enjoy a nice piece of brie on a cracker.
  • This ain’t no grizz! Do you know your bears?
  • I’m Pete Correale and somebody tell Tom that there’s no genius in the shoe design from where I’m standing!
  • Could you sleep in that room? “I leave the country.”
  • You forgot the name of the alzeihmers foundation?!
  • Rochester NY, you can come see me there with Pete’s dear friends.