Episode Details
Release Date October 7, 2016
Runtime 1 hour, 12 minutes
Previous Episode Episode 236
Intro Music "Remember the Time" - Michael Jackson
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Someone gives out coins with his own face on it. Sebastian got a bit nude on a plane. Lots of announcements and funny stories!

Topics discussed

  • Pete congratulates Sebastian on the release of his latest Showtime special, Why Would You Do That?
  • Sebastian explains wearing Justin Timberlake’s shoes, questions wearing another man’s shoes.
  • JJ Watt attends Sebastian’s premiere celebration and discusses the economics of comp tickets.
  • Joe Montegna’s personal coin.
  • Pete’s separation from his daughter leaves him questioning whether to weep openly in front of her.
  • Pete’s parents are celebrating 50 years of marriage.
  • Sebastian discovers his home has been entertaining guests in his absence for remodeling.
  • Pete flicks wet paper towels at a snoring passenger on an airplane.
  • Sebastian’s tight clothing leads him to partially disrobe aboard an aircraft for relief.
  • Attachment to clothing, and Pete’s vintage t-shirt archival system for his daughter.

Quotes from the episode

  • Black and white, almost takes you back to the 50s. P: Took me to a bowling alley, but continue.
  • Does he (Justin Timberlake) even know that his shoes were worn for a better performance than he wore them for?
  • I’m not into that!
  • Not only are we going crazy, we might break into our choreographed dance that we created in our kitchen.
  • This is a year and 10 months in the making: we’re in the house. I’m not saying it’s done, but it’s livable.
  • I don’t know if “normal looking” is something we can agree upon.
  • What’s been going on in our home in the last year and 10 months that we haven’t been there that i don’t know about?
  • I equate strict…with well-behaved people.
  • This is a total white trash move P: Well you’re in the proper outfit for it.
  • If you take your wife’s last name, you might as well just send in your nuts.
  • Every apartment in the hallway had a stench, you get to mine and it’s COLOGNE!